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How can Lightshift support you?
Lightshift brings together the right partners: We have contact to more than 750,000 active users of our lighting design software DIALux, as well as to more than 180 luminaire manufacturers who are active as DIALux members. This is the basis on which Lightshift is built: A worldwide network of lighting experts and leading manufacturers.
Need help with a project? Let's go!
In Lightshift, you can easily share the work you need done with a global group of professionals in no time. Whether you need support from a freelancer or from our industry partners. We propose your needs to the right partner. They will make you an offer or a proposal. If you like the offer or proposal, you hire a freelancer or get support from an industry partner free of charge.
What does Lightshift do
Who is the platform made for
Who is the platform for?
There are many good reasons why you use Lightshift:
  • You need temporary expert knowledge in a certain field
  • You want to use the experience and competence of a
    luminaire manufacturer.
  • You need special software, e.g. for visualisation or tendering
  • You need special hardware, e.g. colour and
    light measurement technology
  • You want to save travel time and travel costs
  • You need more staff temporarily
  • You want to exchange ideas with a professional colleague at eye level
Where is Lightshift available?
If you want to outsource jobs or get support from manufactures, Lightshift is available in almost all countries. As a freelancer, you can offer your services if you have a bank account in one of these 35 countries. Our industry partners are exclusively DIALux members. Manufacturers can be active in any country and join DIALux here.
Where is Lightshift available
The benefits for clients
Request support from the industry
Are you looking for the right series or special luminaire for your project? Our industry partners are guaranteed to have the perfect product for you. Do you need support with planning, e.g. to comply with lighting specifications? Here, too, you can count on the service and know-how of our partners. If you have challenges with lighting control, dimming methods and control protocols, the specialists of our industry partners will also provide you with suitable solutions.
With the help of an assistant, you can create a manufacturer enquiry in just a few minutes, which we do not publish, but send specifically to suitable manufacturers. Within a short time, you will receive suitable proposals from which you can choose. You decide whether you want to be supported and by which industry partner.
Our service is completely free of charge for you. You and your project remain anonymous and only the partner you have chosen will receive your contact details after you have given your consent. This way you avoid the risk of 'spam‘ in your inbox.
The benefits for freelancers
You have time to take care of other projects? You want to earn some extra money? No matter if you offer your services from your home office or on site: Register with Lightshift! Free of charge and without obligation. Present your skills to a large number of potential clients. As soon as you are approached, you apply for the job with a short offer. If successful, we'll bring you both together, you'll do the job and collect a top rating. We make sure you get your money and keep a part (19%) of the turnover with us.
The benefits for experts
Who is the platform from
Who is behind the platform?
Behind Lightshift is DIAL GmbH from Lüdenscheid, Germany. A company that has been successful on the market for over 30 years. With DIALux, we develop the world's leading software for lighting design and calculation. With more than 750,000 active users, we have a large network of lighting designers, architects and electrical designers. In addition to software development, we are also involved in further education on the topics of light and smart building.