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How can the industry support you?

Find the right luminaire

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  • What our industry partners offer you
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    Luminaires individually for your project

    Get suggestions for luminaires that fit your application: Whether standard luminaires or project-specific adaptations and special designs. In addition to selecting from a large portfolio of standard luminaires, our partners can make a wide variety of mechanical, electrotechnical or photometric adaptations to luminaires. We will find you suitable manufacturers who can produce small quantities, if necessary even in batch size 1.

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    Support with your lighting design

    Our industry partners will help you with your tasks and challenges, such as the placement of luminaires, the dimensioning of technical lighting properties, the calculation of quantities, the configuration of manufacturer-specific systems (tracks, strip lighting, LED strips,...), the calculation of normative verifications, the energy optimisation of lighting systems and much more, be it remotely or on site in your office or on the construction site.

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    Advice and proposals for lighting control

    Get ideas and suggestions on how to optimally control your lighting system. Our partners suggest solutions for dimming light sources perfectly, controlling light colours, calling up light scenes and integrating lighting control seamlessly into building automation. In addition, you will receive suggestions on suitable technologies and protocols as well as on products that are required for implementation.

  • And this is how it works ...
    You describe what support you need.
    We transmit your request in anonymised form to suitable manufacturers without mentioning your contact details.
    You receive proposals from interested manufacturers and decide whether you want to work with one. Of course, you can also select several manufacturers.
    Lightshift puts you in touch with each other, free of charge and without obligation.
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3D models

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    Find the right freelancer
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    Increase your efficiency
    Focus on your strenghts and leave e.g. the creation of 3D models or visualizations to others.
    Explore new ways to work
    Tailor the project search to your skills and find the right job immediately.
    Be available worldwide
    Location doesn't matter anymore. Be present wherever your services are needed.
    Play it safe with Lightshift
    We verify each and every member in order to make your work experience as safe as possible.
    Use our secure payment
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